Bio: I've lived a varied writing life, with over 10 filled journals at 12, (with a BA in Journalism, Scripps Howard School of Communications-Ohio U). and a Masters degree in Clinical Psych in LA, (included amazing anonymous, released interviews to draw from) with peak experiences in many varied fields, and leaving very few stones unturned during my 24 years living in Los Angeles, I now find myself mentally scanning my 52 "never boring" years. I'm taken to a place where it seems important to somehow make sense of the myriad of memories and gathered snapshots of how life honestly occurred to me--to us. This journey is slowly, finally revealing a contextual view of what were seemingly unrelated events, people, and paths. With an epiphany-centric curiosity, I launched my blogs to learn more about what it all meant-what it all means-- as well as reviewing interviews imparted to me from others whose life is beckoning a similar perspective. Perhaps, together, all like-minded truth-warriorsare seeking how it really went/goes down, regardless of how painful, will have a safe place to share (without the masks), some kind of panoramic view that connects the dots and provides release from the past (and disturbing present)!

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